Always surprising, always poetic what computers tell us. This week top search leading to the Mouching was, I kid you not, “trout eyes”. But that’s our duty to provide you with some answers, my dear reader, lost in the digital meanders of the internets.

If you want to know a lot about fish vision, here’s where it’s at. It’s wonderful, yet a little to general: after all, you’re after trout’s eyes, not really interested in how teleost come to see anything. So you may be more interested by Reed F. Curry’s book, The New Scientific Angling. You’ll learn there that trout’s retina include specific cone cells that make them sensitive to UV, even though this sensitivity decreases with time. You’ll get to see also plenty of trouty pictures, to figure out a little how the fish see things, and it’s not a all like we do. And it’s even fishing oriented! Now, if you really really want details, you’ll find some here.

And for those who just want to marvel, — don’t we all ? — here’s a fantastic portrait shot by our gifted friend Julien Pouille in the Shy Lights series.