Ok, we all have one, one we use to sleep in the car when needed, one that we pull out when a friend is coming over and sleeps on the couch (a friend…sometimes us…), some of us, the toughest ones have one that they actually take out in the outdoors! Oh, I’m talking about a sleeping bag, let’s be honest how often do you sleep under the stars in one of them? Well if you do or are planning to sleep out or are cold shy, here’s the ultimate sleeping bag by Filson, just the name reassures you, just by saying it you already know you won’t be cold. They know what cold is. Cold, comfort and toughness. There are other warm sleeping bags on the market, especially if you are a climber, but not like that one, really. Oh, by the way, it’s 855$

Made by Seattle-based Feathered Friends with an outer shell of Filson’s Dry Finish Cover Cloth and a removable snap-in liner made with 8-oz. Alaskan Guide cotton flannel, this down bag will keep you warm in the roughest climates.
  • Outer shell made with Filson’s dry finish Cover Cloth
  • Interior nylon taffeta lining
  • Removable snap-in inner lining
  • Zipper-attached Condor hood20031184tbd-alt3