bando4545Eight years ago, I called my friend Jacques Flechemuller and decided that since we could not find what we where looking for on fly fishing websites, we would make our own and that’s how we gave birth to La Mouching ! So we rallied Benoit de Vilmorin and that was the beginning of the adventure. We started with 20 readers a day. and when we got 150 six month later we were proud and happy. Other friends joined us, some left, some stayed, LE Mouching is very “time consuming” but it’s still here, thanks to you guys, thanks to the 10 500 unic viewers, thanks you for giving us that magical mojo  that make us write for you every day, thank you for the companies who believed in us and their support.

Thank you every one at Le Mouching office, Laurent Keiff, Romain Le Teuf, Simon Manatane, Electra as well as Elizabeth, Pauline and Margaux and all of our contributors whithout whom it would not be possible for you to enjoy your daily dosis of fly life!

One day I was asked what Le Mouching was all about, my answer was: It’s everything you talk about when you’re in a car and you go fishing with your friends.