Guys, when I received an email from Confluence films to watch Providence‘s screening, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was friday, the office was empty, I dimmed the lights, turned the sound up, grabbed a drink got myself comfortable on the sofa and I was ready to watch on our huge screen a film that wouldn’t make me feel the same ever again! What I saw was sick! I called my friends to tell them what I just witnessed, salt water fly fishing films just got in another dimension! Everything is unbeleivable, the story: after 6 years of no fishing in the far islands of the Seychelles, the crew from Confluence films get to the atoll of Providence in places that have NEVER been fished before. Barracudas, GT’s, Permit, Parrot, Grouper, Bonefish… you name it, you’ve got it! But you cold expect that film to be pornfishing, it’s not, it’s a real documentary with rythm and a story you wished all fishing docs had, a story that keeps you excited as a thriller would do a story that makes this 1 hour 10 film too short, a story that you will remeber after watching it and that would make you say, can I watch it again ! So, dear reader, wherever you are, you have to watch it, find out where it’ll be shown (here are the screening locations), it’s the best fly fishing film I have seen in long time.