soccavalleyLast spring, we went on holidays in Slovenia with Marc Boesch and Grégoire Ribert my two buddies who happen to be fly fishing guides. We had such a laugh, we had some good times, good food, ate like pigs, slept like logs, smoked like chimneys, lived like kings. As we had our friend the film maker Rémi Laugier with us, we decided to shoot a fly fishing film for french TV Seasons, to be shown early 17.greg-marmo Grégoire Ribertmarc-soccaMarc Boesch

All you have to know is that it is a real Mouching adventure with awesome landscapes, with fishing parties with  the kindness of Slovenian Graylings and Trout. Soon we’ll put a teaser online, enough to make you want to watch the film! In the meatime you can get the caps, shirts and sweatshirts on Le Mouching shoptrio-slomarcslo