I dimmed the light, poured myself a good glass of Bourbon, thick and suggared like the southern nights. From the tip of my fingers I chose the best cigar from my stash and closed the box.  The flame from my lighter lit the room, as I was blowing the smoke towards the ceiling I put my feet on my desk and I leaned back on my armchair. Wayne Shorter’s Wild Flowers was already playing smootly from the loudspeakers. I was ready. All I had to do was hit Full Screen and I started reading the latest issue from Southern Culture On the Fly.scof-cover

Getting Hard in the Gorge by David Grossman photo: Rand Harczhard-gorge

True Wild Florida by Gray Drummond & Lacey Kelly photo: Steve Seinbergwild-florida

Sunken Black Stone from the Bench Press by Josh Garrisnymph

Di Caprio the Destroyer of flats habitat ! by Alyssa Arceo read and sign up to fight against the destruction of bonefish habitat by this mega hotel!di-caprio

Patagonia’s Box by Allen Gillespie patagonia

Startergizing Fall’ and small jawin’ by Galen KiparapalachianAnd the last page by Paul Puckett, to be sure that nothing tear us apart! Next issue in Feb!paul-puckett