Wet of the Week, it’s our Mouching way to give a hand to our buddies at Keep’em Wet. Fishporn it is, but of the wet kind: a thousand and one ways to shoot your catch without torturing it.

Late delivery this week, because of a fishing orgy at Norbert’s Île Verte

Anyway, the wet of this week comes to your desk through the cunning curation of our friends at The Fly Fishing Nation, a bunch of crazies if we ever saw one. Sandro from CatchOutdoors demonstrates here how to manly deal with a fight’s end.

Friend, if you’re in  charge of the pics during a fight, rather than capturing your friend’s looking like an idiot with a fish at arm’s (stretched) length, better try and shoot a piece of the action! It requires some clever positioning, but it’s really worth the trouble…



KEEP’EM WET — We were No-Kill for as long as we remember, then the digital revolution came along and suddenly we’ve seen fish everywhere, lipped, boga gripped, handled, squeezed, strangled, fingered in the gills etc. Tens of thousands of grip’n grins, show me that fish and your smile, and extend your arms as far as you can, it will look bigger… We did some too. And like for everyone else, sometimes we fumbled, and the fish took a hit for the cause. Then we read the casualty statistics. We thought about post-fight asphyxia…

And naturally we joined the ranks of Keep’Em Wet.