First of all, forget all you’ve seen this wekend, forget all you’ve heard this month, forget everything, everything that frustrates you, that puzzles you. Get comfortable in your best armchair, wait in silence so emptyness fills you. Turn up the sound, switch to “Ful Screen “mode. Are you relaxed and ready? You may now watch that film, Cadent.

An editing lesson, amazing shots, perfect color grading, and the soundtrack suits this film without a flaw. Please,  send us mfilms mlike that more often, this is a jewel, we wish we could share some like this one every week. Just enjoy watching it, it’s like an Haiku, a poem. It goes straigth to your heart.

If one day you’re around Blu Ridge, Georgia, go to  Fly Shop Co . Push that door and ask them to guide you. By the way did you see how fiberglass is beautiful ?