Already Christmas! What else have I to do but dream, the kids are off from school, the weather sucks, all I have to do is hide in my den pretending I’m doing something clever, but in fact, there I am, feet on the table, laid back on my armchair, making circles of smoke with my cigar, my head is gone, I’m dreaming of many things that make me happy, when my computer goes “ding“! Who’s troubling me in my private thoughts? What is this email that dared take me back to reality? The last issue from Catch Magazine! The fiftith one! and what an issue, we know Catch Mag always has some great picture in stock, but here, we have a special treat! Check for yoursleves!

Success in New Zealand by Martin Aylwin. Step by step to heaven!nz

A mobile view by Jeff Hickman. A man and his cell phone as a camera, awesome!a-mobile-view

River of life by Todd Moen. Film!movie

The A Game by Will Rice. Cayo Largo, Cuba, That’s the first place I ever seriously flyfish in salt water, back in 2001, at the time fly fishing in Cuba was a real adventure. That was before, now, things are different, “they” are waiting for you ($$$$). doesn’t mean the fishing got any easyer.cayolargo

Bavaria by Thomas Woelfle. Get a beer and go fishing!bavaria

Slide show: Winter trout by Brian O’Keefe. When winter comes, some fish others don’t. slideshow