I know, right after Christmas, but since it’s not out yet, you may have no regret! Comingout this spring, unless you use an iPhone in a waterproof case, the Fujifilm Finepix XP120 is the camera you want! Versatile, comes dust, cold, rain, snow or mud, you do’nt care! Bring it on! This machine is small enough to go in your waders, sharp enought o get your best pictures on the web as when you get a conection ’cause it’s wifi! the price should be around 210$, it comes in green, yellow od blue! fujifilm_xp120_back_yellow-6be9f fujifilm_xp120_top_yellow-84998 fujifilm-xp120_6d365997f4e86f1e_450x400 fujifilm_xp120_front_green-30c8d