This is an advertisment, but a beautiful one, anyway how many films are hidden advertisement anyway? Without the money from certain gear makers (not all of them) we wouldn’t be able to show you many films that you have the pleasure to watch on Le Mouching. Very often the brandts are bringing to the production, gear, which is helpful but doesn’t help much to make films… filmakers need cash!  But this is another topic.   Let’s go back to what’s on the menu today, the Guideline film for the new rod the LPXe, watch the film, it’s great and everything is expained it it! But further than that film, this marketing is exactly what we like and what a lot of fly fishermen are looking for, “the upgrade”! We love our rods and some rods are just the exact one we need and we stick to them as the technical possibilities good take us further. So instead of making a total different rod, Guideline did , as Porsche with its 911, an upgrade with the newest technology, same but different! We love the idea.