Honestly, it’s rather strange, this habit that all our Northern friends ssem to have in common, not only the Scandinavians, also the Americans, they connot get by a river without starting a campfire and boil  water in a rugged coffee pot in which they empty a good stash of grinded beans they call coffee and as soon as the mixture boils, they drink if happily saying “Huua” or any other strange sound of happiness. For us, southern europeans raised with the thick although sweet and bitter taste of the expresso or the italian moka, not mentionning the french press… Well we never can understand how you guys enjoy that donkey pee! First, it doens’t do anything that coffee is suppose to do to you, I’m talking about that jolt you get when you drink an expresso that looks (and feels) like tar! No, you don’t get any of that! You are drinking a warm water with something in it  that makes it look dark and brings tiny grains beetween the teeth and on the tongue, something similar to what we use to call coffee when we were kids and played “parents”, adding a little mud, or dust in a cup of water pretending it was coffee. Guys how do you do that? But, let’s focus on the film: didi you see that fish! This is not a fish, it’s a tropedo! Rolf, thank you for warming our hearts and congrats to your friend cello!