When people ask me what do I like in fly fishing, my answer is always “the culture”, what goes with fly fishing as a whole and not fly fishing alone. Because when we start to embrace fly fishing, we quickly realize we’ve open the door to a much bigger world than we expected, and endless world made one part of fly fishing itself but also made of characters, landscapes and mainly amazing stories. So Southern Cutlure On the Fly has all of that, it’s a magazine unlike many other fly fishing magazines that has a real soul of it’s own, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just read it! The others are already reading it!scof-cover

Rythm by Chrisitian Fichtel photos Rand Harcz: spey goes with rythmrythm

Good Lovin’ by David Grossman photos Steve Seinberg: It’s the piece we love , because what’s best but to fish with your beloved wife? Everyone will tell you“Dude, never take your wife fishing, fishing is to escape from your wife”  well they got it all wrong, that’s the ultimate bliss, well as long as your wife is your best friend. We love the caps ont the pictures!good-loving good-loving-1

Cuidado con los Cocodrilos by Matt Smythe illustrations Zane Porter: Corocodile on the fly? cocdrilos

Redneck Traveler by Dany Reed: Amazonas!amazonas

Bench Press by Drew Chicone: Tie that Swamp Cabbage Shrimp!shrimp

TU Costa 5 River Rally by David Grossman and Jared Zissu: take care of your riverstu-costa-rallyStratergizing by Todd West, go kayak!Stratergizing

But read all of SCOF #22, it’s dope! there’s much more than the above!