The_Rhythmagic_Orchestra_bThe place was already packed, mainly at the bar where everyone was asking for rhums or mojitos, the girls wanted to dance, put the music was a little slow, and the boys where at the bar, talking and laughing. It was that moment where you ask yourself, should I stay or should I go”? It needed a little ”pepper”, that’s when Hugo Mendez went to the dj cabin and pulled out his first record from his suitcase, he flipped it over several times as a juggler than put the needle on it and instantly, the girls grabbed the boys and everyone was on the dancefloor! It felt as if joy, happiness and madness had hit us at the same time! A bailar!

Come on, play that amazing mixtape from Sofrito’s best ambassador, Hugo Mendez, it’s magic!

Download here

Vincent Casino – Mambo de Paris
Joey Lewis Orchestra – Tema del Papelon
Arthur Sterling & Pucho – Darin’s Mambo
Elmo Garcia Orchestra – Brooklyn Mambo
Guapacha – El Retoson
Luis Grinan y su Orquesta – Cosas Bonita
Orchestre Esperanza – Pas Bel
Cachao y su Orquesta – Descarga Mexicana
Orchestre O.K. Jazz – Cha Cha del Zombo
Chiquita Serrano – Marijuana
Los Caraibes – Cuando Llegare
Amara Touré – Lamento Cubano
Duo Los Ahijados – El Hombre Misterioso