“A big thank you to Pierre Affre for the writing of this post”

Since the opening of the season, the famous « pool Masseys », in the heart of the medieval city of Navarrenx on the gave d’Oloron, will be a no-kill area. Altogether it will be 3 km (approximatively 1,8 miles) of this beautiful river where the fishing will be « catch and release » only. Situated just below a dam, the « pool Masseys », since the beginning of salmon fishing on this river, with rod and line in the 1920, concentrated salmon and anglers.


Altough a fish ladder was finally operational in 2010, the salmon in the spring were nevertheless delayed in their upstream migration and around 25% of all the rod and line catches of the all river, were made in this single pool. From this year, the fishing will be only in « catch and release » with fly or artificial baits and barbless single hook. As this pool is very easily accessible and is situated at the foot of Vauban XVII century fortifications, a lot of visitors and tourists will enjoy this no-kill zone, that will give a good image of the fishing. Great thanks to the AAPPMA (Association of recreational anglers) of Oloron who voted this no-kill area on this most beautiful river for atlantic salmon.

Pierre Affre

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