Patagonia, always pushes us to reach our limits, they show us what other people’s limits are so we can find ours, our limit are to what extend are we ready to go to find and live happiness. Something that has no stantard, we all have a different definition of happiness, but we do have a common thread, always go deeper in our way of life to find it.
For some the oceal is frightning and dangerous. For others, it is a limitless world, filled with joy, freedom and many opportunities where one can fully live its life. This documentary, Fishpeople, shown by Patagonia and directed by Keith Malloy, tells the story of amazing characters who dedicated ther life to the ocean. From surfers to fishermen, to coal minors to this group of kids from San Francisco, they show us the mutation they have been through by living by the ocean. and how we can overcome our limits by finding a meaning in the deep of the ocean.

Find more about the film and tour date on Patagonia website.

Fishpeople will be available from July17 on iTunes.