UPDATE: Its seems that even if  300 000 american tourists managed to visit the island this year, after Mr Trump’s latest declarations on tourism, money and travel exchang with Cuba this week, it is going to be radicaly more difficult to visit Cuba if you are an US citizen.

Here they come to tease us again, “us” being the ones who could go to CUba without thinking and be like kings for a fistfull of dollars. Since “they” think the whole of the USA will come and spend money on the Island, the prices have gone up, really up, and now only a few can enjoy CUba, the way we used to do. Before you could get a taxi (NEVER rent a car) from Havana to Trinidad for 150$, now do’nt expect to bargain for less that 300/400! Same for hotels, a Suite was 100$, now you’ll get a tiny standard for 150! Everything has gone up, the fly fishing lodges have raised their prices at least 40%… but still, if you can afford it, it’s worth it! I’ve neer fished so much, so well but in Cuba, and I’m jealous not to be able to afford a fishing trip again! Enjoy if you go, you’ll love it! Just look at those Bonefish!

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