Today, behold the mighty MouchingMobile du jour, the Citroën Mehari, which is at this very moment transporting Cyril and some buddies in the wild ranges of the Aubrac plateau.


That funny looking car is in itself a whole piece of France’s automobile history. It’s an icon of the fashionable bourgeois summer resorts, but in my mind it’s the old père Henri’s car, who lived at the end of our street, and used it to bring down the timber he would chop in his woods up there near the pass. This paradox of a car is half follies and pleasures of the reckless youth, half practical tool for getting jobs done.  All that with improbable looks and undeniable charms, which is also everything the Mouching is about !

And just for the laughs, I dug up in the INA archives an old commercial presentation of the Mehari (which means camel and is reminiscent of the colonial past of France). A piece of history indeed.