You’re bored at the office, you cannot wait to get out and go fishing! Here’s to make it easier for you, just hide your screen and read the new issue from Scale ! This issue #25 is so hot, you might want to read it in the toilets, so nobody can whitness how much pleasure you’re getting from Scale! Let’s be clear, Scale is the BEST of both world, and that’s why we like it! the pictures and the articles we recommend are only fly fishing related, but you MUST read all the articles, because you’re cool!

Payday! Northern delights Let’s fish from a boat in England than have a wee cup’o tea!northern-lights

Let there be light! Fine Arts, it’s all about the fish!scale-art

Sea trout! to the movies!movies

Ceviche! let’s eat!


Shefly: Katka Svagrova.


Let’s dance: Scale playlist! Hauke sweat the technique!scale-mix

And much more! Have fun, and be patient, next issue in september.