The new Tail mag is out, it’s #30Its all for your salt water fisherman’s eyes and even if you don’t think it’s for you, you better read it because it has amazing pictures and what is different from what we know always teaches us something! As far as we go 3 articles caught our attention, they are not really realted to fly fishing and that’s one of the things we like about Tail mag, it’s that they are ecclectic! Check for yourself a Camera test of all the cameras we can take when we go fishing and which suits us better, but also a test of exotic beers to drink after fishing the flats, or the reef and last but not least: Oysters ! As for the rest, you’ve got to read it!

Camera guide cameras

Tarpon flies ! tarpon

South Padre Island, Texas – Redfish ! texas

Cosmoledo, where you wnat to go for GT !cosmo

What’s in the flybox! inside-box

Yellowfin and Kingfish ! yellowtail-kingfish

Land, Sea or Foam: Beer!beer

Oysters for snack!  oysters

Flytying : Blue Crab bluecrab

Mullet! mullet

Become a better fisherman be more productive!playing

La suite à la rentrée, bonnes vacances !