14th of July also known as Bastille day! Tonight in every town, there will be the famous “Bal du 14 Juillet”, the 14th of July bal, the air will be filled with smoke of merguez and saussages (our bbq) people will be dancing, because that’s the whole point, we dance! Local bands, dj’s, whatever, every town sqaure will be the dance hall and all generations dance, from your grand parents to your little brothers! So to please everyone, here are 4 mixtapes tto listen to (download them using Off Liberty). And on top of that, tonight, we have Le Tour de France is in my hometown! So at ten pm everyone stops dancing and we go see the fireworks, it’s part of the party!

The first mixtape is French songs from the 30’s and 40’s, so you’ll dance cheek to cheek with your loved one![youtube=https://youtu.be/bUKC5RAjUdg&rel=0]

The second is real “Musette Musique”, accordeon musique, the typical 14th of July dance to! And for that, you’ll have the best, Yvette Horner !

The 3rd one is from Vice Versa, a special French mixtape with all the best french singers!


Hey! You’re not left alone here’s a mixtape for the ones who prefer more modern sounds! You are going to turn your local village into a dancefloor! Here’s the last mixtape from Through Thoughts, listen it loud!

And for the Reggae and Dub livers, here’s to dance under the stars:  Vice Versa, Reggae & Dub Special #12 !

Have fun, don’t drink and drive and enjoy yourselves ! Happy 14th of July!

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