At home everything is dry, last night storms didn’t do too much, just broke a few flowers in the garden and turned the little water we have in a murky colour. It’s been a while now since I let go of the idea of taking the kids under the bridge so they can catch trout. They can cast at a few chub, but I doubt that it is going to turn them into fly fishermen and that is the whole problem we have, if we want our kids to enjoy fly fishing, they need fish to catch! Of course there are other species, pike, chum and carp, carp are real great fun to catch on fly, even barbell, (you can catch the Spanish one on dries!) and the other day I was talking about going carp fishing to a neighbor, and he looked down at me carp on fly?  So I hope he watches that film and changes his mind.

I know, we said we weren’t posting gopro films, but this one is to illustrate what we’re saying.