We don’t need to write tons about it, everybody knows what we’re talking about, everyone has or has had a Leatherman. Just the name Leatherman, means something to you, more than an usual tool, it’s built like a tank, smart as a Swiss knife and reliable as a hammer! Well, the real thing is that it’s a smart tool with pliers! It’s the buddy you’re always bringing along, and if you don’t there is always a fishing partner that has one and that will pull it out with confidence and coolness. But all Leatherman are not equal and the Leatherman Juice CS4 is the one we like love! The reason? On top of having all the tools you might need one day (personally I’ve never used them all) there is a corkscrew! And, that, makes all the difference! We love to open a bottle with our picnic when we’re out fishing and we’re not the only ones, so what you want is the Leatherman Juice CS4 to make you happy and show off in front of your friends.

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