All of you who download or just listen to the music we share every friday know about SoundCloud, the website which allows, musicians, DJ’s, producers, to share their music to the world so we can enjoy it! It’s also the spring for many filmmakers to find their music scores, a treasure chest where we like to dig and find some jewels. It’s one of the best ways to discover music and musicians, which would often be unknown if it wasn’t for SoundCloud.

But as many start ups, goodwill is a good start, and everyone is making efforts at the begining, than, you need a serious business plan to keep afloat your business, even if it is a famous one. On the web we get used to FREE things, free news, free music, frfee films, everythin gis free or looks as it is free for the internet user. But websites require a lot of money, you need a fast thorough connexion, you need big and safe servers and people to run the company.

For a few days now, there has been a rumor on the web that SoundCloud would close down at the end of summer. We don’t know if it is true, but we strongly advise you to download all our Friday mixtapes since a lot of them such as Le Mellotron are hosted there! You will need to use Off Liberty (another very useful free website that might shut down one day too).

So get a serious hard drive and support your favorite websites (if you know what I mean)

To console you, her’s a jewel from our friends at Le Mellotron:

Babylon Rockers #62