While the Haute Couture edition of the Paris Fashion Week (women FW18) has just ended, still with our eyes glttering from Rodarte‘s bucolic sexy and Fendi‘s heartstopping red thigh high boots, we realised in the redaction’s last meeting that it’s been quite a while since we’ve done anything for you, beloved reader, in sartorial matters. As you certainly know, at the Mouching we’re all about a certain idea of coutryside elegance. So here’s for you: indulge yourself with Lord von Schmitt‘s crochet wonders. Let your hairy buttocks know the wooly bliss of rehab afghan blankets, reminiscent of our seventies chilhoods. Chromatic baldness, self assertion, ventilated comfort and a subtle suggestion of your manly parts, crochet shorts are nothing if not a promise of streamside happiness and hyperbolic sex appeal. You will catch something.

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