When I get in touch with Paris, the boss from Quand je suis en contact avec Paris, le boss de This Is Fly, we make plans to go fishing or just to chill together, we talk about our kids, our wifes, our jobs and than everything falls down, because Paris has too much work! Check this out: his regular job takes him 28 hours a day, This Is Fly Magazine takes 9 days of the week,, the Daily he is currently updating takes him from 9 pm to 8 am and his family life requires 458 days of the year! So whenever we make plans to have fun, there is never time to actually do it and we keep spending time over the phone hoping something magical will work out! That being said, what you have before you, the latest issue of This Is Fly is a real piece of work and you should enjoy every line of it, it’s not just another fly fishing magazine, it’s the mother of all fly fishing magazine! And we should erect a statue to Paris, because what he does is close to being a monk, he’s a real working man, the kind that spits in his hands as a logger would do, before grabbing his mouse! So enjoy This Is Fly #63, and let’s hope Paris takes a break this summer so he can prepare the fall issue we’re all already waiting for, #64! But in the meantime enjoy this summer issue! Paris, when do we get time to go fishing?



Seasonal ConfusionSeasonal

Gear pages gear

James Flatten, The Tyerjames

Rainbow Bassrainbow

Next Levelnext-level

The Devil’s Riverdevil's

Guest artist : Max Shermanmaxsherman

The Midthe-mild

Photographer : Wray Sinclairwray-

Rancher’s visionrancher's


And now, read the magazine and be ready for #64!