I’ve read this book in one sitting!

It felt the same as in the first time I met with good old Stoney Calhoun, in his previous novel from the trilogy William G.Tapply wrote.

Gray GhostSo I was looking forward to seeing Casco Bay again, this little piece of paradise in Maine where our friend lives peacefully as fishing guide. Well, not so quiet. In the first part of his adventures, we discovered that our hero had no idea of who his was. Struck by lightning a few years earlier, he woke up one morning in a hospital bed, unable to remember his identity. Since, he receives regular visits from “the man in suit” who makes him aware of his very special identity, and his very special skills.

But back to the story, Stoney continues to manage his small fishing shop, makes his fly fishing flies and is still in love with the beautiful Kate Balaban. Everything seems to go for the better.

One day, Stoney embarks a history teacher to go fishing in this archipelago of uninhabited islands when his client asks him to stop on an island to take a leak. Yes. Surprises but complacent, Stoney agrees. When his client does not come back, and his faithful friend, his dog, does not obey, Stoney gets off his boat on this famous island (ghost stories), and discovers his client and his dog, sitting in front of a corpse completely carbonized.

Still haunted by the death of Luke, a young fishing guide (in his previous novel), Stoney is not willing to get involved in another crime story.  So when his friend Sheriff Dickman asks him to be his deputy, he first turns it down then finally accepts the proposal. Shortly afterwards, the history teacher is murdered on Stoney’s property. The investigation begins, the dead corps multiplying and soon Stoney discovers about him very old embedded reflexes….

His fighting skills are showing up again. As if it wasn’t enough, his love story with Kate gets complicated when she asks him to take a break.

What do I love about Stoney? About everything:  the Maine, his fishing spots, his humor and his relationship with his dog! And I’m desperate to know that there is only one story left since the author had the bad idea to die on us.

Fishing does not have the first role in this novel but the passion of the author is still shown, when first instance he’s making new flies or when he goes at sea. Maine is shown as a beautiful state and I almost wanted to order an online ticket to discover Casco Bay and its archipelago.

I also like the house of Stoney, near a river, where everything is quiet. Our hero is always so endearing, even if his hidden talents seemed a little bit too overwhelming at one point. I admit, I thought for a second about another Jason Bourne ..but the author is too smart for that and the Stoney’s humor and refusal to seek his true identity save the story.

I also enjoyed his relationship with Sheriff Dickman, their little games are very funny – I loved it for instance when the Sheriff forced him to use a phone. Their friendship is particularly touching but the most touching story is Stoney’s love for his dog. As a dog lover, I loved it! I will definitely take all my time before reading the last opus. I already know that I’m going to miss deeply Stoney Calhoun.