So I was there preparing the second half of my summer mega roadtrip, headed to Norway, when the customization demon took hold of my soul.

It had to happen. You don’t grow with Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine without it leaving its mark. I had the van, it just needed a touch of paint. Now I’m not really the detail maniac, and I’m not a stranger to a little trash-punk touch on the occasion. I just made some stencil letters and off I went to the supermarket’s parking lot, which offers some protection to work dry. Admittedly, Lille is no Lillehammer, but it’s still a good spot for summer crappy weather. To make things a little interesting, I just had a couple of minutes for a couple of coats while we loaded the van with edible stuff. It went just like a first time: too quick and dirty a little. Thankfully, acetone worked to tidy things up.

Next morning, we were flying off to the Northern parts, my stencils cosily stored under the mattress. Two days later, on the shores of a channel in Amager Øst, Copenhagen. I’ve got a good hour before the miss emerges, so I decide to do the b-side of the van…

And as your read this, the Mouching colors are flying high under the big grey Northern sky.