SCOFBIG-COVERYou’re burning hot? So are we, just to type this article is killing us, we want to be right under the fan and feel the gentle breeze that might cool us down! So here we are, almost in the dark, sheltered from the sun by the shutters. We can’t do anything, it’s too hot to go fishing, in the background the boombox is playling a loud old school reggae by U.Roy, and while we’re trying to forget what happened in Virginia, look what comes up on the screen: the latest Southern Culture On the Fly  issue, #24, the summer issue! Like fresh air getting in the room, we’re suddenly all jacked up to go fishing! Thanks SCOF!

Awesome tarpon from CubaTARPONCUBA

Cicada: food for fishCICADA

Doc Box: Tye your fly!RENDTYING

View from the Gear boatGEARBOAT

Stratergizing: always be ready with the best first aid kit!FIRST-AID

Doc Box, you’re HOT, baby!HOTBABE

And ther’s much more, so go to SCOF and start reading!