The landscape slides smoothly as you’re looking at the window, it’s hyptonizing you, the train left the station taking you back home after your summer holiday, it’s a long journey. Deep down you have a mixed feeling, a feeling of sadness and resignation. Your head is feeled with memories of the summer holidays and sadness to go back to work, you miss the long days, and the sunsets, the warmth of the heat, you start to think of how nice it was not to have schedules, you remember that fish you hold but that escaped, the long evenings with friends. In a few hours you’ll be home and it’ll be another rythm, another story, you even feel more sadness, a kind of greif when you think that soon, too soon, trout season will be over. That’s when it’s time for you to read Tail, le #31. You need to dive once more in the warm sea, to feel the sun on your face, the laughters with your friends around a beer and  plate of shrimps while you’re arguing about Permit vs Tarpon! Take your time, your train arrives home in a few hours!tail-cover

Gear Guidegear

How Fly Fishing Survives survives

A Fly line primer lines

Providence Atoll – Paradise? providence

Beer ! beer

Complications – Chittum skiffscomplications

Wading the flats for Permit permit

Paso A Paso: crab – crabs

Grilled Shrimps! – shrimps

Guiding a real job guiding

Tarpon ! Photo : Brian O’Keefebrian-

Opinion : It’s all about education opinion

You can get out and have a normal life, your train has arrived in the station.