Here’s for your week end, two films about fly fishing, the thing we love, the thing we do, for some of us the thing that keeps us alive. More than a sport, fly fishing is not about fishing, we know that, even if for some it’s just catching fish and nothing else. Fly fishing is a way of being in touch with nature and with oursleves, the main part of fly fishing is not fishing it’s all that goes around, from the books you read, the music you listen to, the dreams you have of fabulous destinations, there are so many add ons to fly fishing. Basicaly we could say that fly fishing starts when you start you car and drive to pick up your friends for an adventure, it’s the food you are cooking, the book you read, the film you saw, fly fishing can be philosophical too. It’s just a way of life, and at Le Mouching we are trying to spread that way of life! To become a fly fisher, just go to the river with a rod and let the obsession conquer every part of your life! So watch those two shorts from Jay Boyington, they’re about fly fishing.