If you want to know why we like love Punta Allen, here are a few reasons, but the main one is that it is authentic, that in this remote village where we’ve been fishing for 20 years now, nothing has really changed, it has been preserved until now (thanks to Sian Kaan biosphere) from the hurds of turists, the resorts craziness and commercial fishing. So every year in Punta Allen, thanks to our friend Tizziano from Punta Allen Fishing Club and a few friends of his, there is the famous Ascension Bay Permit Tournament from which all benefits are given to the school of Punta Allen. We’ve been shooting a 52 minutes film in April that will be available in October on Seasons TV where you will be able to judge by yourself what fishing is in Punta Allen, but here’s a film by Christian Ihrybauer on the Permit Tournament. We will try to sign in for next year’s, are you in?