Pierre Elie Gaspin is a young knife maker from Gers, Southern France. He works really well, and a youngster in that business is not so frequent here. He’s got that nice balance between a feeling for his own land, deep roots, and a global network connexion. His blades have that real life feeling, but get inspiration from what’s happening on planet knives. Shapes inspired from true and tested solutions in many contexts: Fallknivens, Moras, big american Bowies, or Malaysian parangs… but always melt into his own style, with a good deal of input from some well known French bushcrafters. He will also build a knife you designed if you want. Of course, custom means delays (6 months). You can’t rush art. I love. it.

You’ll find plenty of tests on the tube (in French) : le Pisteur, l’Officier, l’Indomptable, etc. And a tour of the workshop:



my favorite: le Timber

Photo : BirdyNamnam sur Neoczen.

Photo : BirdyNamnam on Neoczen.