Who hasn’t loved the images “from above”, that very special “bird’s view” that drones are allowing filmmakers to insert in their films, with parcimony of course, otherwise it becomes really boring and quickly can become hell as you cousin’s slideshow after his trip to his latest summer holidays! But one fo the other downside of drones, is their noise when they are flying, like huge moskitos they can be very anoying especialy if you are shooting with direct sound. The other downside of drons is the length you can fly them and how easily you can maneuver them. That’s when the Mavic Pro from Dji is awesome, because it’s so easy to handle you can fly it inside and outside you can almost use it as a crane, it can be so close to what you’re shooting. But now Dji is going a little further with the Mavic Pro Platinum, and the Platinum adds two major things, first: the Silence ! – 4db! and the alittle longer in the air, 30 minutes instead of 27. That doesn’t make a big difference, but the silence does! And only for that reason it’s worth buying itMavic-Pro-Platinum-11-e1504214009953-800x504 mavic-pro-platinum-1-14 s1-1-7742a244ee6f9ec11398f6b36c8400fe