It’s often like that in the cruel world of Internet, blogs, websites and sometimes even online magazines are closing down, sadly. And we are indeed very sad to see Revive publisshing their latest and last issue. It brings us to our own weekness, to the difficulty it is sometimes to be up and rolling no matter what, always to be in a good mood and always trying our best for you, dear readers. We sometimes have to digg deep to find the energy to keep on publishing as well as we are always looking for money and support because we beleive, what is on the internet has to be free.

Adios Amigos, it has been a pleasure to be part of the adventure and an honor to have you guys publish our story, we’ll miss you, as writers, as magazine, as friends. Seven years of friendship, it might seem a long time, but it’s always too short. So here’s theier LAST issue, #16, we hope you’ll enjoy it, you should, it seems there won’t be abother one. Farewell.revive-cover

Journey on avec Aimee et Chase de Tightloops journeyon

Against the Minesagainst-mines


Nothern Norway – Finmarkfinmark



Staph signs offStaph

Always hard to say good bye.

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