What? I just parked the car after crossing all Europe with 29 Millions of other unhappy, bitter, resentful, angry tourists who decided to take MY road the same day as I was going back home from my summer holidays, as my spirit was down, as I was mourning the long “siestas” deep in the coushions of the front deck of the boat, as I remembered the early picnics before the night hatch, we waiding the cold streams all those summer memories were coming to my head as I was emptying the trunk when suddenly I felt my phone vibrating in my pcket, I looked at it and on the screen I could read : The New Scale Mag, #26 is out ! It’s like if I had extra days of vacations! You can judge for yourself (and we only selected the fly fishing related articles, but as usual it’s the best of both worlds: spinning and fly fishing)

It’s not fly fihsin gbut it’s awesome New Guinea Bass


Stefan Alt and the Saxon trout in the Ore Mountainssaxe

Are you hungry? ? Gilthead au Champagnedorade

Carlos Margineda and Patagonia by the sea patagonie

Playlist: Reggaereggae

Oregon, how do you like my Oregon? oregon

We hope you are going to be able to wait until winter for the next issue!