After the bags, the jacket.jacket_web

Solid Adventures, just the name itself should let you know we are serious about fishing, and mainly about gear. If Solid Adventures is specialized in fly fishing trips (I should write in top of the range fly fishing destination) its owner Christer Sjöberg is know from a lot of us for the brand he started nearly 30 years ago: Loop. If Loop is no longer his, everything Christer does is the best you can find, from his trips to Argentina, Greenland and many others, it has always been top notch. So here’s his new baby, a wading Jacket that is so nice, you don’t want to go fishing without it. If I mentionned the destinations where you can go Fishing with Solid Adventures it’s because Christer knows about foul weather, therefore when he designs and builds a wading jacket, you can be sure you’ll be dry! All infos are HERE. But as every excellent gear, be ready to pay the price!