Berlin, when we think about Berlin we always think about night clubs, parties, avant garde art, Berlin is for Europeans like Seattle or Brookly, is for the US. So when we saw on Moldy Chum this beautiful film (even if we feel there is too much talking) we couldn’t help also posting it here! Is it appealing to you? You live in a city and you fly fish? Shoot a film and post it! We’ll share it like this one, shot by Bombtrack Bicycle.


Tobias “Tobsen” Cordes is an enthusiastic person through-and-through: most well known for playing the bass in German based band “Seeed” (that made it several times to #1 in various country’s pop-charts with a very own mix of Reggae and Dancehall music) Tobi is also running his small and passionate company “Ferox Featherworks” purely dedicated to Fly fishing. As Tobi is a good friend of ours we listened attentively the moment he began telling us about the current increasing in the number of people who are not taking huge amounts of time to go fishing in faraway places – but rather prefer to spend their time peacefully fishing in the city. That number has increased to an extend that he recently even started to offer guided urban fly fishing tours or courses for beginners. For some reason that story was reminiscent of a time when “Crossgolf” exploded in New York years ago, which was followed by magazines or events all over the globe, even up to today. After we met Tobi we still couldn’t let the idea go, and we finally asked him to show us what this was all about. We planned to capture the essence of fly fishing day in the metropolis of Berlin, as it sounded kind of bizarre. In short: this is the first video clip we have released which isn’t actually about pure cycling, although we are happy that Tobi is riding his BEYOND bike from spot to spot when fishing in the city – not just in the countryside on the rivers surrounding the German capital. We assume after you watch this video that you begin to notice these guys and girls in your own city casting their line in the rivers and lakes that so often flow through major cities somewhat ignored At least we have been in our hometown Cologne – so keep your eyes peeled, you might find it’s a bit of a spectacle. Rider: Tobias “Tobsen” Cordes Bike: Bombtrack Bicycle Co. “Beyond” Production: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič / OSM Films ( Thumbnail photo: Tina Lagler & Blaž Miklič / OSM Films ( Thumbnail design: Marko Sajn ( Sounddesign: André Meyer Music: Eets “Fresh Water Dub”