Jean Rochefort was one of our beloved french actors, more than that, he was an actor from the 70’s with all what it ment, freedom, irreverence and elegance. It was way before the policaly correct and the vegans. All the french women were in love with him and all the guys wanted him as a best friend. He passed away, last sunday. He loved  horses and would always introduce himself as a horse breeder and a man of the arts. We loved him and we already miss him. I hope you speack french to be able to understan the clip from Calmos where he acts with Jean Pierre Mariel, the whole speech is about how food is better than anti-depressents, and that the best is the firt part of sleep, so why not wake up in the middle of the night, have food and than go back to sleep again! In a way he was the french Peter Sellers.