Here’s for the tough ones! Do you remenber some twenty years ago, when someone was going for pike with a fly rod, everyone would look down at him, “Pike? Are you kidding me”? I remenber on a chalk stream in Normandy, before a litlle dam on river Iton, there was a few pikes and we thought they were going to eat all the trout, so we might as well catch them and eat them with a sauce mayonnaise (we’re french, right?). So there we were, with our 5wt rods, trying to pass all our streamers in front of the pike’s mouth and nothing happened, the pike looked at our flies and moved a couple of inches away. Today, you want ot buy streamers for pike, you’ll find thousands of them on the web, and as fly fishermen going for pike, they are thousands of them! Times they are a changing!