We all had or dreamed of one when we were kids, and one you finaly got it, you would pull it out slowly from your pocket to impress your friend, with that smile inside of you, because you knew that the red color of that knife and the many options that came with it, would make you “the guy with a swiss knife”! Until another guy pulls one that has more blades and more tools than yours…that’s when you pulled back your knife and your pride.

Today, you can think of that guy who had a better knife than yours and get your pride back by getting this awesome blade, the Swiza Allblack! That pvd swiss knife is a gem, it’s a beauty, it’s the elegant knife we wnt to have in our pocket, we want to feel it in our hand, with its smooth and comfortable body, and it’s black pcd blade and tools. It’s lit! You can even throw it in the dishwasher to clean it! Isn’t that knife beautiful? 37074