Wherever you are, the Salt water seasons starts or is about to start, the topical one, the one that makes you get across winter with hope and joy! And you know when the trees get red and yellow, when the days are getting shorter, when you start to light a fire to get warmth and not just for the beauty of it, you know. You know it’s time to head South! It’s time to get you dreams come true, it’s time to check your gear, and brush your flies, all that you didn’t do to  protect them when you last came back from your last Salt water trip, you are going to pay the price today, all those rusty hooks, all those poppers eaten by fearless fish, they’ll all go to the trash! But now is not time for sorrow, now is time for dreams and joy, please, open Tail issue #32. It’s lit!cover2

Xmas presents? I know, time flies, Xmas is just around the corner. Maybe it’s time for yo to pick the present yo wold like to have? Check that Gear Guide!gearguide

What’s inside your Boxinside-box

Fly Tying with Ruben Martin!ruben-martin

Key West is not all about the flats, go blue!keywest

Reading all this got you thristy, huh? Choose a beer!beer

Montauk. You know.montuak

Last night a Striper changed my life, Last night a Striper changed my life, Yeah! “Cause I was sittin’ there bored to death ,And in just one breath he said: You gotta get up You gotta get on You gotta get down!“…striper

Tye the Lumino!lumino

Food for Fall, Butternut, Venison, Mushroom… Yum!


Cook Islands. Far.coosil

Tying with Drew. Drew Chicone!drew-chicone

Now go back to real life!