Only the BEST! Enough to make you loose your mind! Get your friends home, do the usual: dim the lights, prepare the drinks, and turn the sound UP! We’re giving you TWO mixtapes this friday! The girls are going to twerk and they are going to drive you crazy! And you’re going to sweat and lose you overweight dancing! You have no idea the party we had when listening to those two jewels of a mixtape!

The first one is pure gold, figure out, the famous rapper from the 90’s Roots Manuva and Chila 2Na with Krafty Kuts at the turntables, freestyle for 25 minutes, it’s short but it’s one of the best mixtapes we had in a long time, PLAY IT LOUD,

Than to cool down is that mixtape from VF MIX, the best of Dennis Brown played in a 45 minutes ix, hot as a summer night when you burn a brasero under the stars, it’s so hot, you’re going to melt!

You’re free to play them in the order you want, start easy with Dennis Brown and set the dance floor on fire with Roots Manuva and Chali 2Na or the other way ’round. These mixtapes are DOPE. Peace.

Don’t you forget Off Liberty is your friend.