Lucky ones! Today we have a hard time closing the office since we’ve been playing those awesome mixtapes and as every friday, all the neighbors from the building stopped by and started to dance than we ordered drinks and food! The party is going to go far until the wee hours! So we thought that maybe you would like to do the same and for that matter, here are two mixtapes we’re dancing to! Enjoy them for your weekend fiesta!

First something cool that sweats tropics, good mood, night under the palm trees, perfect to dance pressed up against your fiancée, as you are dreaming of endless sweetness from the Carribeans! It’s the best to start your party with, a smooth and delicious mixtape from Sir Ramases! Trust us, this is like sugarcane sirup to your ears and magic to your feet! You won’t resist to those very rare vinyls! Hot hot hot !

Than as the night goes, the heat comes up and it’s time for the newer generation to take care of the sound and make you dance with the best hip hop with the famous DJ Vadim! Over 2 hours of the best of the 90’s mixed with the sound of 2000! A bomb of a mixtape!

We hope you’ll spend a great evening dancing! And before I go back on the dancefloor, here’s to download the mixtapes! !