Southern Culture On the Fly #25

It smells good, you open SCOF #25  and it smells like fish! Not the bad fish that stinks, no, the fish we like the one that makes it easy to get at of bed when it’s still night and that you only had a few hours of sleep. The fish that makes you drives hours to get to a fishing spot regardless of the amount of miles. The fish that haunts you, the one that drives you nuts, THAT kind of fish! This fall issue is once more a good reason not to work at the office, a good reason to stay on the couch reading it on your laptop. I’ve read it and I’m f*cked, I’m now obessed, I want to go fishing. Good job Steve Seinberg!

Redfish Redemption redfish

Wild Things in Wild Placeswild-fish

Southern Saltsouthern-salt

No Name Shrimp by Drew Chicone!


Adopt A Fly Programadopt-a-fly

And many more pages to read! Don’t miss it while it’s hot!