Get that in your face! That means “us”, “we” from the northern hemisphere, “us” who have to fly thousands of miles to be able to fish since Winter is coming! The Mission is a South African magazine, therefore, as we are cleaning our gear to put it away for several months, they are taking theirs out! And you can feel the excitment! That the main difference, the other one is that they rock and once more their issue is a bomb! All I have to say is: Listen to the music selection, drink one of the selected beers, and read the whole mag! You’ll meet our friendos Stephan Gian Dombaj, you’ll fish the famous Yellowfish, you’ll fly to Kamchatka, and you’ll have several pages of  “Gear of the Year” to dream about! What else? Oh, you’ll also fish for tarpon with a new rod! Have fun!

Choose music and beerbeers&beats

Enter Sandmansandman

Portrait of our friend : Stephan Gian Dombaj!stephan



GEAR OF THE YEAR! 14 PAGESgear-of-year


That’s all. Now winter’s gonna be pretty long!