Houlàlà, Hot balls! Watch out this might blow up to your face there is som uch energy in that 65th issue from THIS IS FLY!  First of all, beyound the lay out and the choice of pictures, let’s compliment the grand father of all online fly fishing magazines to be so avangarde and so young, often firer  than it’s hippest reader! To start with the reading we strongly recommend you listen to Bryan Gregson’s mixtape it’ll set you in the right mood for reading TIF!  (The 1rst song Endless Parade by Gvt’s mule could last hours it’s so good!)mixtape-gregsonSo, you’re ready? Let’s go, here’s the content and the pictures!

Bryan Gregson by Tim Hardenbryan-gregson

Let’s go crasy with the gear selection  always there to make you crave!gear

Brian Wise The Tyerbrina-wise

Waht are the consequences from Hurricane Irmahurricane-irma

California ? 24 hrs in L.A.24hrs-in-LA

In the middle of “nothing”, water. The Desert River.desert-river

Issue artist : J Fletcher Designj-fletecher

Balkans? Marble Fever!marble-river

Amber Toner, photographer.amber-toner

National Parcs : 30 Great American Places !30-great-amrican-places

Up “there” kingdom of Steelhead and Salmon : Mother SkeenaMother-SLeena

That’s it, it’s over, you can go back to bed and wake up for the next issue. Sweet dreams.