You had too much food for Xmas, you are ther on the sofa, fighting the evil spirits who settled down in your stomach with a pitcher of fizzy water. Even aspirin has a hard time fighting that headache because of too much food and wine. But, hey, it’s Christmas! On the table, the presents you received, some fishing gear, you already played with, or maybe a waterproof jacket or even better a voucher for a fishing trip! But now, as I see you, you are a wreck and all you can do is dream about those warm fishing days when insects will fly all around you on the river! So here’s a present from us to you, a film that is not just another fly fishing film, a film that talks about you, about us, a film in which we all can identify, because it’s our life. And even better, if ever someone askes you “Why do you fish? We are you obesessed3, Just show him this film by Benoît Chancerel, they won’t ask again and maybe they’ll ask you to teach them. This is one of the best!