What a year! We had a blast with this year’s mixtapes, there was some of everything, jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop, latin, you had the best every friday, biting or no biting we were there for you with the music we listen to when we work or when we party! And we do’nt plan to stop for next year! So here’s some to kill 2107!

First the eclectic Don CAmilo with that mixtape you are going to listen as the evening starts, a mix starting with Pale Bue Eyes by the Velvet Underground is always a good mixtape, than you’ll have some french songs( oui, oui!) than blues jazz. A mix especially made to start the night!

Than you are slowly going to go to the dancefloor, Balearic Disorder is what is going to make you swing and dance!

And since we are the cooliest and that we love tropics we thought that this Latin Jazz Dance from Jazzcat will be good for you too! See you net year and thank you for following!