Woooo hooooo! Let’s celebrate! Xmas is here and it’s happyness in your heart! We always love that season when Xmas comes than it’s soon going to be New Eve’s party. The Xmas is alway more sublte, there is no big party but it’s the day (in Europe it’s like Thanksgiving) when you gather with the family and the real friends. You have a nice diner (very important for us) and everyone is having fun, the house is full, people drove miles to get together, the Xmas tree is flashing, it’s warm in the house, outside, it might be snowing, it’s time to give some gooooood music! Here are a few mixtapes we selected for you! There is some from every kind! A merry Xmas to you all and thank you for following so numerously every day!

  • First, and you can start you evening with this mixtape, it’s bluesy and mellow, but raw as diamond, Christmas Blues from our friends Blundetto and Don Camillo from Radion Nova, it’s our #1, perfect to listen by the fireplce to warm up.
  • Than here’s Amerigo Gazaway Mery Christmas mixtape play it after the previous one, it’s going from R&B to Soul, Funk to Hip Hop! It’ll set you in a dancing mood! Now is time to dim the lights!

  • You’re warm enough? Here’s the old sound of Salsa, Salsa from the 50’s  and 60’s, some say it’s the best one, let’s see what your feet and your hips are saying! Baile con DJ Timber!

  • And last, let’s stay on the islands and warm your hearts with this latest mixtape from DJ Vadim, the skank is going to make you move your hips too! Love from us to you! Enjoy.

Now you can go to bed! But always remember that you can download all of those mixtape using THIS!